John, a normal cubicle slave with a bland and ordinary life, is transformed by an enlightenment experience. Or, did he just go crazy? He’s not really sure.

From bored support representative at GMC Megatronics, he transforms himself into Pastor John, a flamboyant free spirit spouting spiritual nostrums and intent on not only radically transforming his own life, but bringing joy and purpose to the lives of others.

He joins forces with a rag-tag group of homeless and starts The New Life Church of the Godhead of the Bed, so named for the locus of his awakening — an ordinary bed.

John and his following set their sights on St. Dymphna’s House of Hope, a local sanitarium run by the authoritarian Big Mama, where they attempt to help the needy and comfort the afflicted. They face numerous obstacles that threaten to derail their mission, but with the help of a local religious radio station and a large group of feisty supporters, they persevere and ultimately triumph. For a while.

On the Steps of St. Dymphna is available on Amazon. Order it now.

"I can only say good things about this great book. And as such, it deserves nothing less than a perfect rating. It is fast-paced, has a great flow to it, and is easy to read. It contains amusing characters who are well developed and are believable. Also, it contains very few errors and has been well edited. I recommend it to readers who enjoy thought-provoking fiction books."
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